For Investors

Make money automatically 24/7 with the help of professional traders.

At Eledator, we have developed an innovative feature called Social Autocopy, which allows you to fully auto-copy other people's trades

In fact, it allows you to auto-copy other traders' positions on the Eledator platform. Just as you receive real-time notifications when subscribing to someone on Instagram or Twitter to view their stories or content, on Eledator, you "subscribe" to other people's trades. Our patented BTCF13 algorithm handles all the work for you.

Only verified traders

Professional and experienced traders.

Deposit protection.

Insurance fund to protect investors.

Instant profit withdrawal:

Receive and withdraw your profit every 24 hours.

Eledator is easy to use!

Simply select a group of traders according to your investment preferences, make a deposit, and receive a fixed income every day in your personal account. Withdrawals are available 24/7, and we have no hidden fees. Withdraw all profits directly to your wallet.


Protecting investors' funds is our top priority.

Each trader contributes an insurance fund of $50,000.00 before revealing their trades to investors.

The Eledator system automatically compares the number of investors with the size of the insurance fund. Following this analysis, the maximum investment amount is adjusted. This system is designed to reassure investors about the reliability of Eledator traders.