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Fixed, guaranteed and passive income in crypto! Invest, copy trades from the world's best traders and earn up to +90% per month with daily payouts.

Our platform lets you create multiple trading accounts on MT4 or MT5 platforms, using EUR, USD, or PLN as the base currency for your account.

Trade with Eledator as your broker via an MT4 or MT5 terminal.


Copy trades of top traders at Eledator.

They trade, you trade. It’s fully automated.
Available 24/7, fully passive with daily profits.

Are you an investor?

Signing up

Create your personal account on the Eledator website in 2 minutes.

Selection of traders.

You will find current trader offers and their statistics on the main page of your personal account.


Make a deposit (Minimum $100). Over 15 payment systems are available.


View your earnings in your dashboard and withdraw available profits every day!


Yuk Ji-Yong
Exchange: Binance, Bithumb
Steven George
Exchange: Binance, Coinbase
Mark Ringle
Exchange: Binance, Coinbase
Om Sook-Ja
Exchange: Binance, Bithumb
Son In-Hye
Exchange: Binance, Bithumb
Yop Sun
Exchange: Binance, Bithumb
Joséluis Marín
Exchange: Binance, Coinbase
Rocío Delafuente
Exchange: Binance, Coinbase
Yo Na-Rae
Exchange: Binance, Coincheck
Jeffery Boyd
Exchange: Binance, Coinbase
Alfred Houston
Exchange: Binance, Coinbase
Tiger Team
Exchange: Binance, Coinbase
AngryCat Team
Exchange: Binance, Coinbase
Maria Stone
Exchange: Binance, Coinbase
Ae Ha-Neul
Exchange: Binance, Coincheck
Mika Kobayashi
Exchange: Binance, Coincheck
Nahoko Mori
Exchange: Binance, Coincheck
Jesse Robinson
Exchange: Binance, Coinbase
Goro Kudo Team
Exchange: Binance, Coincheck
Chopper Punk
Exchange: Binance, Okx

Why do people choose Eledator?

Free to use for everyone.

Free passive income service for investors, free active income service for traders.

Detailed account statistics.

Clients receive detailed statistics in their personal accounts.

Instant profit payment.

Profit is charged every day and sent to your wallet in seconds.

Protection of investors' deposits.

Deposits are protected with an insurance fund.

Wide variety of trading pairs for traders.

More than 100 trading pairs and more than 950 trading instruments.

about us

Eledator is a revolutionary solution. The platform is very easy to use by anyone, we can earn money simply by automatically repeating the transactions of the best traders, and if you are a trader, this is a great opportunity to express yourself.

Eledator gives everyone an opportunity, no matter who you are - an investor, trader or partner, there is an opportunity for everyone here.

Every investor should try this great platform! Copy trading is an excellent strategy, and here a special BTCF13 algorithm protects investors from traders’ mistakes.

Questions and Answers

  • What guarantees do you give to depositors?

    We are an officially registered company, and all our activities are legal and fully compliant with legislation. We possess all necessary permits and licenses. Additionally, our company holds a statement of capital totaling £5,000,000 GBP. With over 5,000 satisfied investors and a substantial portfolio of positive reviews, our reputation speaks for itself. We are featured in media publications, openly showcase our activities in real-time, and participate in major international events to present our products and technologies.

  • What are the restrictions on the number of deposits for investors?

    The minimum deposit is $100. There is no limit on the number of deposits.

  • How to make a deposit to copy trading?

    First, you need to register (Sign Up). After registration, click the "Invest" button, select the investment plan that suits you, choose the cryptocurrency, specify the number of coins, and click the "Open Deposit" button.

  • Is it possible to open several investment deposits at once?

    Yes. There are no restrictions on the number of investment deposits.

  • When will I receive the invested amount?

    Your investment deposit is returned on the last day of the investment period, along with the final interest payment.

  • When can I withdraw the first profit?

    You receive your first earnings exactly 24 hours after deposit. The withdrawal of interest can be arranged at any time, as soon as necessary. The time of withdrawal is determined by the cryptocurrency network used. There are no delays on the part of the company. The money typically goes to the investor's wallet within a couple of minutes after the application is confirmed. The maximum withdrawal period is one day.

  • Can I register two or more accounts?

    No, creating multiple accounts is prohibited by the security system. If multi-accounting is detected, all accounts will be blocked.

  • What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

    The minimum amount for withdrawal is $10.